What To Do If My Neighbours Dog Won’t Stop Barking?

There is no denying the fact that dogs are wonderful pets and are great companions as far as human beings are concerned. However, even the most ardent followers and lovers of dogs tend to lose their cool and composure when dogs start barking incessantly and continuously. The constant howling, yapping and barking of a neighbours’ dog can be highly irritating and it could disturb sleep and also cause a lot of other health problems.

Hence, it is quite obvious that you will have to try and find ways by which you can stop a barking dog when it happens to be your neighbours’ dog. It could spoil you and your families’ weekend and if you are planning a quiet evening with your family in the backyard or the garden, it could end up becoming a non-starter. However, you have to find a way out of this nuisance and here are a few steps that perhaps could address the problems associated with your neighbour’s barking dog. Let us try and find out how this problem can be addressed without spoiling relationships with your neighbours as much as possible.

Is The Dog Barking Because It Is Left Alone All The Time?

Identifying the reason for the barking of the dog is a much better option instead of rushing to complain about a barking dog. Most dogs are gregarious in nature and would like to stay with their masters and other members of the family. However, this may not always be possible. In today’s world where both the partners may have to work to take care of the family, it is quite obvious that the dog gets left alone in the home. While some dog owners take the trouble of leaving the dog under somebody’s care, this may not always be possible.

When a dog is left alone and when it is literally kept under captivity of the home, it gets irritated and even fear overtakes it. In such situations, it expresses it the only way that it knows. It barks to try and catch the attention of somebody. Hence, there is no point blaming the poor animal. The solution to the problem lies in understanding the root of the problem instead of trying to brush it under the carpet.

When the neighbours have no option but to leave the dog alone, they must try and find ways to keep the dog engaged. Dogs love to chew things and therefore it might perhaps be a good idea to leave some chew toys behind. They would not mind chewing these toys for hours at length instead of barking their way out and disturbing their neighbours. It would be a good idea to talk to the neighbours and perhaps suggest a few dogs chew toys. There are quite a few of them available in the market and they are not very expensive. This simple solution could perhaps go a long way in stopping the menace of dogs barking through the day, till their master come back from their work or from other engagement.

Dogs Are Territorial Canines

Before coming to the conclusion that the neighbours dog wont stop barking there are a few more things that one needs to bear in mind. Those who have not kept dogs as pets should understand that these canines are extremely territorial. They love protecting their territories and in this case it happens to be the homes of their masters. Hence, whenever there is a movement of cats or other dogs, they become excited and start barking. The more the number of such movements, the more the neighbours’ dogs are likely to bark. The answer to this lies in keeping the dog in such a place where it is not able to see, or hear too much, the movements that are happening. This again is possible only when you are able to talk to the neighbour and make them understand the basic characteristics of pet dogs.

Some Dogs Cannot Handle Boredom Easily

As mentioned above, dogs love to be in the company of their masters and other family members. When they are left all alone for hours at length, they may not be the best animals when it comes to handling boredom. Hence, it is quite possible that he or she might start developing compulsive habits such as barking and becoming irritable. The solution to this problem lies in talking it out with the neighbours and ensuring that it has something to play. It would even be a good idea if the neighbours allow the dog to get friendly with people staying adjacent to their homes. However, this again would depend on how the neighbours take it and whether they love dogs as pets or not.

Too Much Noise Outside Can Make The Dog Excited

Dogs love fun and would love to be in the midst of the action. When it is left alone, it feels that it is being deprived of the fun and frolic that it is perhaps entitled to. It knows only one way to express its feeling of disappointment and it barks till it is given its due share of enjoyment. A good dog chew toy could perhaps keep the dog engaged for a few hours and it might help in reducing the episodes of barking quite a bit.

So How Should I Deal With A Neighbour’s Barking Dog?

The above are a few reasons why your neighbour’s dog won’t stop barking. If you feel that this is going to be a continuous and recurring problem, it would be a good idea to sit down with your neighbour and talk the matter over instead of being silent about it. If the neighbours are away the whole day, it is quite possible that they may not be aware of the problem at all. They might, on the other hand, be aware of the problem and could be working on it and trying to find a solution. You could help them with some suggestions including installing of some anti-barking devices and also make them understand the effectiveness of dog chew toys and other such solutions such as dog training collars, we have another article related to the benefits of dog training collars on our website and some recommended dog training collars. There are also dog toys that are extremely effective and could help keep these wonderful pets engaged without barking too much.

There are also some ultrasonic devices that could be recommended. These devices give out high frequency sounds that our human ears cannot catch. However, they can be heard by dogs and other animals and they are uncomfortable with such sounds. They stay away from such sounds and over a period of time they tend to become silent and get into a groove. However, these devices should be used with care because it could have a negative impact on the dogs.

If you feel that none of the above is working and if you believe that your neighbour is being intransigent or is unwilling to understand the problem and cooperate, then you may have no other option but to complain to the relevant authorities. However, this should be the last option when other avenues have failed. At the end of the day, it is quite obvious that nobody would like to spoil relations with neighbours over a trivial issue of their dog barking.

When Should I Complain About A Neighbour’s Barking Dog?

As mentioned above, complaining to the authorities should be the last resort when all other options and alternatives have failed. It sure could lead to bad blood and it might aggravate the problem rather than solving it. However, when things have reached a stage of no-return, then as a neighbour, you are very much within your rights to complain to the right local authorities.

You are the best person to choose the stage and time when you feel that it is right to complain to the relevant authorities about the barking dog. However, before lodging such complaint, you must be sure that you have done your homework properly. The authorities receiving the complaint would ask for a description of the dog, the owner of the dog, the address where the dog is located, etc. You should also have a complete log of the different dates, time and occasions when the dog of your neighbour has barked incessantly. If you can get your other neighbours on board, then it could strengthen your case even further.

But again we would like to repeat that complaining might solve the problem of a barking dog only when the neighbour is stubborn and unwilling to accept the problem. The best way forward would be to be kind and good to the neighbour and explain to them the reasons for coming to them. Most neighbours are logical and rationale in their thinking and would not mind addressing the problem. Quite a few of them may also not be aware that their pet dog was creating the nuisance when they were not around.

The Final Word

To sum up, neighbour’s dog barking is a real problem that has to be addressed in a mature, intelligent and logical way. Explaining to them the importance of dog chew toys, ultrasonic anti-barking devices and dog games could solve the problem eight out of ten times. You could also share with them some online resources of other pet dog owners who may have made use of such devices and could have overcome the problem of barking dogs. Complaining to the authorities should be an option when nothing else has worked.

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