Are Dog Training Collars Effective And Which Is Best?

We all love our dogs and are willing to go to great lengths to keep them happy. However, we all know that dogs are not perfect. There are certain behaviours that dogs naturally love to do that we can often find irritating or unacceptable, whether it’s the persistent barking when you are trying to sleep or if your dog loves to do their business in your neighbour’s yard. This is where dog training collars come in.

Dog training collars, or shock collars as they are commonly referred to as are a type of behaviour modification tool that has been used since the 1960’s to train dogs. Initially, dog training collars were used to train hunting dogs but they are now used to curb various stubborn and unwanted behaviours in pet dogs, from food aggression to excessive barking, as well as training pups to stay within a certain area when they’re off-leash.

Are dog training collars effective? Well, our answer is yes but with the condition that you seek adequate training on how to use it and you use a collar that is manufactured according to the highest standards of quality.

Dog training collars are not meant to be used as punishment, but as a deterrent to unsafe or negative behaviour. The theory is that the dog will associate the negative behaviour with an uncomfortable jolt and stop it until they no longer need the reminder.

The topic of dog training collars has always been a contentious issue in the pet owners community. Those who are against it argue that it is cruel and could lead to unnecessary pain and anxiety for the dog. While this argument was true in the 1980’s with the first dog training collars, it can hardly hold up today.

Dog training collars have come a long way since then and thanks to technology there doesn’t even have to be any pain involved for a collar to do its job. The shock administered by a high-quality approved dog training collar is safe, so while it’s certainly enough to get your pet’s attention and deter the negative behaviour, it won’t cause any lasting physical harm.

Most modern dog training collars have several levels of enforcement, which makes it possible to set the level to reprimand the negative behaviour accordingly. For instance, some dog training collars administer a vibration or beep as a warning before the actual shock is delivered. If you are present, the beep gives you a chance to give your dog verbal commands to further discourage unwanted behaviour. The shock levels are adjustable in such a way that the lower levels are not painful but meant to grab your dog’s attention.

With boundary training, the dog training collar is triggered by wires placed along the property lines so the dog learns how far they can go before reaching the boundary. If you are using a dog training collar as a barking deterrent, it responds to vibrations from your dog’s vocal cords. When using the collar to deter other negative behaviours such as food, jumping or leash aggression, a remote control is used to administer the shock.

Keep in mind that using a dog training collar does not mean that you are torturing your dog and it does not make you a bad pet parent especially when used on lower or non-shock levels. Using it will not destroy your relationship with your pet. In fact, it could improve your bond if you use it well.

Benefits of a dog training collar

1. Adjustable intensity

Modern dog training collars have a non-shock warning followed by a shock with adjustable intensity.

2. Quick results

Most dog owners report that it only takes a few shocks to correct negative behaviours after which the warning beep or vibration is enough. Dog training collars are also the most effective tool for keeping dogs within boundary lines without necessarily keeping them on a leash or in a kennel.

3. You don’t have to be present

Dog training collars used to control excessive barking or those used to keep your pet within property lines don’t need you to be present for them to work. This is helpful if your neighbours are always complaining about your dog’s barking when you are not around.

4. Affordable

A dog training collar is a cheaper alternative to installing a fence or hiring a professional dog trainer. Shock collars range from $30 – $250+ depending on various factors.

What dog training collar is best?

You need to choose the best dog training collar that delivers results in a safe and stress-free way for your furry friend. After thorough research, we have compiled the following list of the three dog training collars we think would be great for your dog:

1. Supernight Dog Anti bark Collar

This dog training collar, in our opinion, is the best value for your money if you are looking for a collar with quick results and 100% safety for your dog. This collar delivers absolutely no shock to your pet but instead uses harmless but irritating beeps and vibrations that intensify until your dog stops barking. It works by detecting vibrations in your dog’s throat when barking. It has 7 levels of intensity and uses a progressive corrective stimulus that your dog can easily understand. It is USB rechargeable built with a waterproof case that ensures you can use it in any weather.

are dog collars effecctive

2. Marsbrill Anti-bark Collar

This dog training collar is another excellent option as it also uses safe sound and vibration as opposed to shocks to stop barking. It has 7 training levels that ensure your pet learns progressively to stop excessive barking by himself. This dog collar also features intelligent recognition tech that ensures that only your dog’s barking can set it off. It has a sleek design and with its adjustable nylon strap and strong ABS plastic buckle, you can be sure that it’s built to last.

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3. Good Boy Remote Collar

This small, lightweight and beautifully designed collar has all the training modes and features you need to help your dog quit unwanted behaviours. It uses sound, vibration, and static shock modes with nine levels of strength. It has a large display to ensure that you always know the mode you are on and the level of intensity. It has a remote control with a range of 1000 feet making it a perfect tool for sending corrections to your exploring dog in the park, beach, and other instances when they’re far from you.

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Dog training collars are meant to make life with your furry friend easier not only for you but also for them. However, since all dogs are different, you should always consult your vet before you begin using any collar on your dog.


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